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Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy uses nature's bountiful scents to enhance therapy and relaxation. Essential oils extracted from aromatic plants are included in massage as a method of promoting natural healing and relaxation while uplifting one's spirit. Choose from floral, citrus or woods scents to make your session even more special.

Sports Massage: Working with athletes requires special attention to areas of the body where there is repeated stress such as legs and feet for a runner or biker, arms and upper back for a tennis player or swimmer. Deeper pressure is used to stretch muscles and work out tension knots. Regular massage before and/or after an event and during regular training will keep your body in top condition to compete.

Lymphatic Drainage: Lymphatic drainage uses very light pressure to direct the body's fluids to circulate through the lymph nodes in the neck, arms, abdomen and legs. This can eliminate water retention which can cause swelling or edema. Lymphatic drainage is particularly useful after certain surgeries and for athletes.

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